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The young team is fully united around the idea of ​​everyone working for the client's brand. This is the company's slogan - "All for the brand." It seems that Zlatina Petrova is one of the people who manage to adapt and as a musketeer to defend the good in the world.

Mimi & Maya


Founders of Alessa


An extremely talented team with a sense of beauty - something you can't learn, you just have it. Their strategies coincided with our vision and the result was an irresistible new vision of our brand.

Ned Vatev


Site Director Propy Inc.


Brandly Collective added their professionalism in no time and help build the exquisite product we have now. The communication is effortless and it is a match to the extensive skillset they have. 

The brand musketeers


We crush deadlines & coffee cups.

Brandly is an award-winning digital agency supporting the overall building of brands by web design and development, UI/UX design and content marketing. As a creative team, we are committed to the mission of " All for the brand": we unite our expertise with the latest trends and good practices to make every brand impactful and to support business success.



We re currently available for selected projects and collaborations.

Awards and exhibitions

A'Design Award: 2 awards
Designer of the Year: 2 nominations
B2B Media Awards: 2 awards
Exhibitions in: Italy, China, India

Our craft & expertise

In our efforts to deliver an unforgettable experience, we are as committed to delivering on the intangibles as we are to delivering on tangible work.

What to expect

Our team is proficient in an array of services that can help elevate and empower your company or organization. We work with you to build comprehensive, thoughtful, and purpose-driven identities and experiences. Let’s talk about how our services can add value to your company.


    What we do

    ✣ Brand Strategy
    ✣ Communications
    ✣ Visual identity
    ✣ Copywriting
    ✣ Web design
    ✣ UI/UX designBrand Support

    Our core values



    Our core values

    ✣ Own The Work
    ✣ All Over Ego
    ✣ Lead With Courage
    ✣ Assume The Best
    ✣ Strive For Excellence
    ✣ Empathy In Action

    Core values serve as the foundation of behaviors that drive us.

    - Zlatina Petrova, CEO

    Wall of fame


    We re fortunate to get some great brands.

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    Stories from our favorite brands.

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