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PDF Made Extraordinary : iOS launch campaign


PDF Extra is a productivity app centered around the use of the PDF file extension. All of the features are designed to make the experience of working with PDFs easier and faster. In 2021 the leading provider of mobile productivity and business application, MobiSystem Inc. released the iOS version of PDF Extra with target markets in the USA and UK.  Our team was chosen to create an innovative and out-of-the-box concept for the launch of the app.

PDF Extra needed a brand message innovative and creative as its features.

our approach

With this design philosophy in mind, we focused on the app’s functionalities to solve everyday problems on the go.  Some of its core functionalities include a Scan feature, which allows the iPhone’s camera to take photos of physical documents and instantly turn them into a PDF; a Convert feature, which converts MS Office files to PDF and vice versa; a Combine feature for merging multiple PDF files into one, and a Fill & sign feature for signing documents using handwriting, among others.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign ignites the light that everybody is extraordinary by uniting people in the #ExtraordinaryCommunity! Our strategy is to inspire users to share their success stories on the web page of PDF Extra iOS. We will support them by granting each of them free access to the premium version of the app.

To keep the spark, we will share these extraordinary stories across multiple marketing channels. The campaign activities include Concept and strategy for brand awareness, social media marketing, growth hacking, performance marketing, community marketing, landing page design and development, copywriting, digital PR, community management.

Everybody is extraordinary and PDF Extra provides them with the needed tools to create extraordinary creations.


Together with PDF Extra, we developed the brand identity of the campaign, messaging framework,  communications strategy. Utilizing the Brandly Collective’s messaging framework process, we began by reviewing existing messaging of the other PDF Extra apps for consistency, clarity, and quality.

We also created a messaging landscape to understand where PDF Extra for iOS fell against competitors and identified opportunities for differentiators from a communications perspective. We analyzed how the existing verbiage aligned with the intended branding goals from brand strategy and proposed revised messaging statements as needed.

Finally, we worked with the team to finalize verbiage that best conveyed their messaging goals. To align with strategy, we defined the PDF Extra voice as enthusiastic, candid, and expert. These descriptors convey the brand's audacious mission and gave them a memorable voice in a very competitive landscape.

Visual language

While the mark is an instantly recognizable symbol of the brand — the supporting visual language (and messaging) is crucial to fully convey dependable, intuitive, and vibrant. We chose a bold monochromatic color palette and Apple native app headline font that stands out from competitors. Custom collages between graphics and photographs help to capture the originality and magic of PDF Extra in an industry that's too often conservative.


PDF Extra feels like wizardry, and graphic elements capture that: Devices are 3D clay graphics, screens are combined with flat illustrations. The hands refer to the famous Sistine chapel and establish a bond between individuals and technology.


During the campaign, our team created few video ads that announce the official launch of the app on the App store. The videos are created on After Effects and they reflect the creative concept and the style of the custom graphics. We use bold red colors, 3D scenes and device render to showcase the functionality of the app.


PDF Extra is a remarkable app and needed a landing page that felt equally extraordinary. The user interface is a showcase of everything coming together to create a vibrant interactive experience. The bold colors are used with intentional impact to guide the user.  The custom 3d renders and illustrations elevate the PDF Extra brand to a cutting-edge productivity app.


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