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PDF Made Extraordinary : iOS launch campaign


We partnered with MobiSystems - а company founded on authentic principles to empower productivity and give people the freedom of choice. MobiSystems serves a global audience of professionals navigating the shift to working on different devices, including mobile phones. Their custom, easy-to-use mobile applications support people in their everyday tasks and help them become more productive. The results speak for themselves.

MobiSystems needed a distinguishable brand identity for their new iOS mobile app that would support their values and embody a culture of creativity and freedom.

If you can give a soul to an app that makes a difference from all others in the market, that will be a home run.” MobiSystems posed. Challenge accepted.

PDF Extra needed a brand message innovative and creative as its features.


PDF Extra is an app for iOS that works with the PDF extension. All of the features are designed to make the experience of working with PDFs easier and faster, so that users can enjoy a familiar interface that gets them create, fill and convert documents hassle-free. With so many competitors on the market, it was time for the world to immediately understand its uniqueness.

brand Strategy

We worked with the MobiSystems team to identify their brand voice and determine their brand attributes as vibrant, creative, and productive. Although easiness is an important outcome for working with PDF apps, we instead focused on "creativity" for both the visual strategy and the key message of the brand. Creativity is the power source of a creation and it is also an attribute to the problem-solving skills of humans. 

The care that MobiSystems manifests by providing their users with features that enable creativity in the PDF Extra app was so apparent, that we wanted to convey this approach in the new brand identity. 

Everybody is extraordinary and PDF Extra provides them with the needed tools to create extraordinary creations.

brand voice

We established a brand story for PDF Extra that aligns with their mission and vision and empowers their team: "Everybody is extraordinary and PDF Extra provides people with the necessary tools to make extraordinary creations. [...] To keep the spark, we inspired users to share their success stories in the #ExtraordinaryCommunity of the company.

The PDF Extra brand voice is enthusiastic, sincere, and expert. To users of the app the productive life isn’t checking to-dos in an endless task list; it’s the choice to be free and creative. They put heart and honesty into everything they say. Their voice reflects their capability, integrity, and experience – and makes others feel competent as well. They are vibrant, encouraging, and results-driven.

Visual language

The visual system has polish and personality: the modern typography adds simplicity, the curated photography feels genuine, and the ownable graphic work exudes balance and synchronicity. The color palette consists of tonal reds that communicate energy, creativity, and boldness.


PDF Extra feels like wizardry, and graphic elements capture that: Devices are 3D clay graphics, screens are combined with flat illustrations. The hands refer to the famous Sistine chapel and establish a bond between individuals and technology.


During the campaign, our team created few video ads that announce the official launch of the app on the App store. The videos are created on After Effects and they reflect the creative concept and the style of the custom graphics. We use bold red colors, 3D scenes and device render to showcase the functionality of the app.


PDF Extra is a remarkable app that needed a landing page, which felt equally extraordinary. The user interface is a showcase of everything coming together to create a vibrant interactive experience. We started with the brand attributes: vibrant, creative, and productive.

Аs an artistic touch, we used the hands on the famous Sistine chapel as a metaphor for the bond between individuals and technology.


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