The story of the diva Lila


"Lukcheta" is the most beloved candy brand in Bulgaria with roots in Soviet times. These days, it is part of the portfolio of Zaharni Zavodi, the leading producer of sugar, confectionery, and ethyl alcohol in the country.

One of the reasons why people love "Lukcheta" so much is the variety of flavors that mix herbs and fruits.

In 2021 our creative team was challenged to brand the new flavor "Lukcheta ", known as "the purple Lukcheta".

Lukcheta needed an out-of-the-box brand message that shows the connection between human and  nature.

our approach

“An old Bulgarian belief says that if you want something good to happen to you, say your wish out loud, write it down and leave it at the window. For the moon to see it and for the fairies to kiss it... ”
- from "The Mistress of God"

We will tell you a legend ...

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fairy named Lila. She lived in the wonderful forests of Stara Planina and collected herbs, of which she made potions. One night the ancient healers appeared in Lila's dream and passed on to her the knowledge of magical purple herbs with a healing effect. She realized it was a sign. She made an elixir of herbs, and with
magic turned it into a candy. Lila gave the candy to the people, stroked their stomachs and they were instantly relieved. Over time, the candy became known as the purple Lukche.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign was the first step in the positioning of the new flavor Lukcheta. Our goal was to create a unique brand message that reveals the benefits of herbs inside the candy, but also that resonates with the new cultural trend in Bulgaria to reborn traditional images, mythic creatures, and legends.

Our team of musketeers found several opportunities to elevate the cady brand. We decided to create a campaign based on the legends of mythical fairies in Bulgarian bedtime stories.

We created the legend and the image of the fairy Lila. In all campaign activities, Lila will tell her story about the creation of purple Lukcheta. She will share her knowledge about the purple herbs inside the candies. And last, but not least, she will give useful advice to people on how to take care of their bodies and give pleasure to their senses.

The purple Lukcheta caress the stomach with a mix of natural oils of five purple herbs with pleasant taste.


Within the campaign 3 channels are targeted: social media, media groups like BTV media group, Net Info media and media group Bulgaria, and channels of influencers.

We planned several media posts, community branding activities and paid media ads.

Visual language

Tackling two identities at once presents a challenge. First, we explored the more subtle approach of a “visual refresh" for the new product. We tweaked existing brand elements to align visually but without making them unrecognizable from their previous identities.

We wanted to rethink both graphic elements, photographs from the ground up, focusing on the long term and what it could represent in a more “natural looking rebrand.”


We built the image of Lila by choosing a model with soft facial characteristics and we organized a photo shoot in nature. We focused on boho style, as it refers to nature, but it is also familiar to young audiences.  During the photoshoot, we took pictures of the new product as we wanted to emphasize the natural composition of the candy.


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