It is sweet...with Sladea: digital campaign


Sladea is a famous sugar brand owned by the sugar factory Zaharni Zavodi. Established in 1912, the company is a leading producer of sugar, confectionery, and ethyl alcohol in the country. 

All brands of Zaharni Zavodi are considered favorites of all generations of Bulgarians, especially the brand Sladea. Recently, the company has expanded its range of sugar products, by producing brown sugar. The product itself is of very high quality, described as "it is best of the best vintages of unrefined brown sugar from all over the globe”.

In 2021 our creative team was challenged to create a digital campaign with the goal of raising the interest of millennials living in big cities in the brown sugar Sladea. 

Sladea needed a braqnd message to resonate with millenials.

our approach

Today, "Sladea" reminds people that they can enjoy life and gives them a simple but real reason for this - by experiencing your favorite cup of coffee or dessert sweetened with brown sugar. Because this "little" joy helps them feel good, smile at life, ready to face any challenge like a game, and be happy.

In the digital campaign of "Sladea", we tell the story of how to keep your positive attitude every day and be happy.

Throughout the campaign, we remind people that their life can be filled with joy and we will give them reasons to do so through various ways to complete the sentence "It's sweet.”

Campaign Strategy

The campaign was the first step in the new positioning of the brand. Оur goal was to make a smooth transition from a classic brand, a favorite of the older generations, to a brand in which young people can recognize themselves. In general, young people perceive brown sugar as a supplement to hot and cold drinks.


The team found several opportunities to elevate the Sladea brand. We decided to create a campaign based on positive experiences and small joys in life: like adding a lump of brown sugar to coffee in the morning.


We started the campaign by creating a special package “Sladea” for the online shop of Zaharni Zavodi, The package included few Sladea products, a cup, and two very interesting digital prizes - pdf with popular recipes for hot, cold drinks and cocktails from around the world, and access to a “Sladea” webinar with two famous baristas.

It is sweet.. with Sladea


Together with the marketing team of Zaharni Zavodi, we developed the brand identity of the campaign, messaging framework, communications strategy. Utilizing the Brandly Collective’s messaging framework process, we began by reviewing existing messaging of Sladea for consistency, clarity, and quality.

We also created a messaging landscape to identify opportunities for differentiators from the current brand message. We analyzed how the existing verbiage aligned with the intended branding goals from brand strategy and proposed revised messaging statements as needed. Finally, we worked with the team to finalize verbiage that best conveyed their messaging goals. To align with strategy, we defined the Sladea voice as positive, joyful, and kind.

Visual language

Through strategy, we discovered how the new brand message should communicate joy, both in visual and verbal identity. Visuals evoke memories of moments of joy like breakfast in bed, a walk with loved ones, time for yourself, etc. 

We chose a warm color palette with warm and earthy colors such as brown, beige and the brand's primary color - red. 

Images and graphics

During the campaign, we used photos and graphics of hot drinks, people in a certain context, and late art. We have selected photos that are bright, look natural and casual - as are the moments of small joys in life.


The webinar took place in one of the co-working spaces in Sofia in April. Our team invited two famous baristas to attend the event: barista Vladimir Stoev (influencer and late art professional) and Velemir Bachev, late art champion of Bulgaria. With a great sense of humor, the two of them showed unique coffee drinks with brown sugar, talked about how to make good coffee, and showed easy ways to make latte art at home.


The special package of Sladea needed an improved product page that felt equally sweet.  The main goal was to present the special package and to trigger people to buy it. Our final design included also a timer, counting down the days left of the promotion. We included sections for each gift, as well as a section, showing the composition and characteristics of the package components. 

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