Invisible Bulgaria

Spirituality and emotionality of the Northwestern region of Bulgaria


“If you children meet a bird's feather somewhere along the way, don't pass it. Lift her off the ground and let her fly and she will be very grateful. Because a bird can be dead, but its feathers are always alive. Don't let our bird's feather pass, don't let the memory of our life pass, but revive it!” 
- Yordan Radichkov

"Invisible Bulgaria" - an electronic atlas in the implementation of a digital project: "Spirituality and emotionality of the Northwestern region of Bulgaria, presented through culture, architecture, history, traditions, ethnography”. The purpose of the project is to increase the awareness of the brand “ Bulgaria “ as an attractive tourist destination. The project focuses on the Northwestern region. We started the project by creating a creative concept and narrative based on quotes from Yordan Radichkov, a famous author from the Northwest region.  Then we dived into a creative and modern web design of a beautiful website.

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