DeafUp Mobile Application


Silver A'Design Award in the Mobile applications category


Deaf people have limited access to education and professional development. DeafUP will support them to be equal professionals, to gain competitive practical experience, and to realize their full potential. This app will make communication between deaf and hearing people possible in a work environment and will improve the social skills of both sides.

As a result, deaf young people will be more motivated and active, and their community will become more accessible to the rest of society. This project will help fill the gap between the deaf and the hearing world.


DeafUP will allow deaf people to work with mentors through video chats with a sign language translator and learn from subtitled tutorials. The app will also enable mentors from different business areas to learn sign language to communicate with the mentees.

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DeafUP is to be developed as a native iOS and Android application with suitable ad-ons. Our team is also planning on developing additional functionalities based on machine learning and AI.

Invisible Bulgaria : Ministry of Tourism

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