How the fashion brand Alessa inspires Millenials


A case study by Brandly Collective

Alessa is an online fashion brand founded in 2012. A few years after the launch of the brand's first online store, it has become a brand that inspires millennial girls. 

The founders of the company Mimi and Maya create a complete ecosystem for women, a new lifestyle, and a community united around shared ideas about design, fashion, and femininity.


Alessa felt the need to reposition her image online to keep up with the dynamic digital environment. They choose to strengthen the role of the community in their branding and to completely change their image, building a new "Premium" vision to distinguish the brand.

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In 2019, Alessa trusted Brandly Collective to create a new vision of the brand. Our joint work consists of the creation of two campaigns " Kiss the mediocracy for goodbye" and "Unbeatable in fashion". We continue to support the brand with regular branding activities.

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