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We turned the lights off



The Brave Stories are stories from the past, the present, and the future. Vyara Deyanova and her team look for those people and moments that are around us, but their example remains hidden. This online media is the place where the stories of successful entrepreneurs coexist with those of ordinary people and in their lives, the brave team discovers subjects they have never suspected. Inspired by the possibility to respond to user needs for dark themes, the brave team approached Brandly Collective to help them to create this supplemental mode for their website.


Our challenge


Design always comes with challenges — after all, it’s what makes our work interesting. Here are some challenges that we faced when we are designing a dark mode. First of all, creating a dark mode website it is not about inverting white to black. Good dark design is aligned with the brand colors and it starts with a style definition for colors, UI elements, typography, and interaction behavior. As a creative team, we were aware that we have to keep the flawless transition between the dark and the light mode.


Our Approach


After research into the media’s audience and value, we had a strong foundational understanding to bring to the dark theme design. The Brave Stories’ primary audience is fans of classical journalism, who are up to date with the latest news worldwide. They are a community following both regional and international media like BTV and The New York Times, so highlighting the experience of a “classic newspaper” was important. We emphasized on the most viewed video stories followed by the suggested stories and articles. Having them in mind, we were able to make some changes to the design. We set up the foundations of the dark mode design: Background Color; Foreground card color; Primary text color; Secondary text color; Accent colors. We also adapted the UI elements to the new visual style.

For this client, we also made some changes to the homepage to help further establish brand elements and execution for the Brave Stories teams going forward. By establishing the positioning statement and visitors early on, we were able to design the best interactive solution for our client’s needs. We also simplified the navigation and improved the general design of the desktop and the mobile version of the homepage.



Web design; WordPress development;


The Brave Stories