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The Premium Experience

the Bulgarian Premium Fashion Leader


Mimi and Maya are two girls who, despite the mockery of not understanding anything in business or  “Whoever buys clothes online …”, decided to act on their own, believing that offering high-quality beautiful clothes combined with attention to detail, eliminated risk and the special attitude to each client will be sufficient for success. It all started with a site for $ 19. Today, seven years later, Alessa is considered by many to be the Bulgarian premium fashion leader – with over 1.6 million likes on Facebook… a Forbes cover… a record of 5436 products sold in 24 hours60 employees … and over 62,000 happy clients, including some of the most famous actresses, singers, models in the country.

Since 2019 they work with our team to help them with the branding activities with two of their campaigns: ” Kiss the mediocracy for goodbye” in 2019 and the billboard for the campaign ” Invincible in fashion” in 2020.


The Creative team of Brandly is extremely talented with a sense of beauty – something you can’t learn. You just have it. Their vision coincided with the vision of our brand and the result was an irresistible new vision for our website.

Mimi & Maya, founders of Alessa