Our CEO Zlatina featured on BTV

We are excited to share that our talented founder Zlatina Petrova and the awarded Built For Impact platform were featured on popular Bulgarian TV bTV. Zlatina was a guest on the “120 minutes” program and was interviewed by renowned journalist and host Svetoslav Ivanov. The focus of the interview was Zlatina’ s prestigious award for the design of the Built For Impact website, created for Fairhead Creative. She commented on the choice to feature the colorful Siamese fighting fish on the platform as a representation of the mission to support companies to stand out in the digital space. Zlatina talked about her decision to switch from economy to design and about her professional experience in Bulgaria and abroad. She commented on the current opportunities for designers in Bulgaria and encouraged young people in the country to follow their dreams. We congratulate Zlatina on the interview and are really happy to have her as the leader of Brandly Collective.

Click the link to watch the full interview here.