‘Azbuki’ is The New Free Font With Bulgarian Cyrillic made by Brandly & Uspelite.bg

Azbuki’ [from Bulgarian “Азбуки”] –  the newest free font, which contains the Bulgarian form of the Cyrillic alphabet is finally here! Together with the biggest media for positive news in Bulgaria Uspelite.bg we have created ‘Azbuki’ in light of 24 May (The Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius and the Bulgarian alphabet) with the idea of interpreting the typical Bulgarian handwritten letters in a new and modern way.

This new Bulgarian Cyrillic font, created by our talented graphic designer Anita Rupova, reflects our national identity and shows the persistence of the written word. You can find elements of the old Bulgarian writing and the handwritten letters in the spelling of each individual character.

Download ‘Azbuki’ here: https://azbukifont.com/

Reason & purpose 
In the Slavic countries, there is a problem that unifies the use of Russian Cyrillic by all nations. The reason is that the designers of Cyrillic fonts are mainly Russians and Ukrainians. Despite some visual resemblances, each form of the Cyrillic has its own look and feel.
The Bulgarian Cyrillic, known today, was created in the 1950s as a logical evolution of the traditional one. Some authors describe it as “the last phase in the development of the Cyrillic alphabet”. A key feature is that the lower case letters in Bulgarian are based on their handwritten forms, rather than on reduced versions of the upper case. In March this year, the Ministry of the e-Government required all government websites to use the Bulgarian form of the Cyrillic alphabet.
After discovering the need to spread the usage of Bulgarian fonts, we created ‘Azbuki’ with the mission to set a good example for all designers and the community in general.


Idea & inspiration
What we write and how our writing looks like is closely tied to how the world perceives us. At a time when we increasingly write less and less by hand, digital fonts are becoming our new “handwriting”. Even without realising it, the different fonts “say” different things. That’s why we decided to introduce a brand new Bulgarian Cyrillic font that shows who we are as people. Our letters, our core, our soul.
‘Azbuki’ is an attempt to create something in the spirit of tradition, but with regard to the future. Because the past is there to teach us how to build a brighter future while preserving our essence. And if “we too have given something to the world” we want to show that we can keep on giving. Starting with a Bulgarian Cyrillic font that anyone can download for free and know that the letters that come out of our fingertips not only look Bulgarian but are indeed Bulgarian.

Media exposure & reach
Some great recognition came from the media as well as from fans of the font. The project has been featured in one of the most prominent Bulgarian media outlets, such as BNTNova TV, and Bloomberg TV. ‘Azbuki’ had outstanding coverage in print newspapers and radio broadcasts as well, getting a spot in BNR, Radio Sofia, and Duma for example.
Since the launch, ‘Azbuki’ has been downloaded 4000+ times and the user feedback has been outstanding.
What’s next?

As the interest is growing, we plan on expanding the font and adding further typographical styles such as Italic, Bold, and Underline, as well as some more special symbols or languages.